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PACK-A-TANK®, is our Water Tank a flexible, synthetic, collapsible tank?
A portable water bladder tank? Or a transportable pillow tank?

Our Water Tanks are an Australian made engineered collapsible tank designed for storing or transporting drinking water or other liquids.

Weekly Specials across the range, more...


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PACK-A-TANK® Nomad and Backseat

NEW sizes available in our Nomad and Backseat range.
Perfect for caravanning, camping, boating and fishing. More...


PACK-A-TANK® Standard Water Bladder

Our Standard water bladder tanks comes in a range of stocked sizes, with custom sizes available on request up to 100,000 Litres. More...

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PACK-A-TANK® Temporary Water Storage

It’s time to get your swimming pool, summer ready!
Temporary Water Storage tanks are ideal for pool repairs or renovations. More...

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PACK-A-TANK® Rainwater Tanks

Collect and store Rainwater!
Our larger rainwater tanks are made from super heavy duty membrane.

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Customer Feedback:

PACK-A-TANK® Worldwide users include;
Brisbane City Council (Australia), ACT Government Urban Services (Australia), Country Fire Authority Victoria (Australia), Cruise Whitsundays (Australia), Essential Energy Ltd (Australia), Cygernetix (Singapore), Sauer Corporation (USA), LGC Limited (UK), Aviatrade (Malaysia), Oxfam (Australia) and UNICEF (Worldwide)